The Adda Story

Our Story

Adda is a Bengali word; it means to indulge in informal or friendly conversation with a group of people, such as friends, family, or colleagues.  It also refers to the place to have that conversation.

Our aim at ADDA is to create a community space for our neighbors, local artists and innovators for relaxation, conversation, peaceful working, and warm company.

Our mission is to share a slice of the world with our community.  ADDA features and spotlights a particular region of the world every month.  Through the drinks and food we serve and the help of local artists we showcase, we aim to share the rich culture of various US regions and the rest of the world through our space.  As part of this spotlight program, we serve special coffees or teas from the region and host other cultural or educational events a few times each month.

We are also paying it forward by donating a percentage of our proceeds each month to two charities — one local Pittsburgh-based and a second tied to the current chosen spotlight region.

We want to support local artists, innovators and entrepreneurs like the many who have helped us in getting ADDA up and running.  We are creating a peaceful working space for our local inhabitants.  We have dedicated a portion of our space to the artist / entrepreneur community where individuals will be able to book a table without fee to work collaboratively with others or meet clients. To aid this endeavor, we will be providing a writing wall and other technology support to help increase productivity.

How we Source

The mission for ADDA is to source and produce food & drinks that support well being.  Each of the purveyors that we select believes in that vision; most products we source are non-GMO, naturally raised and organic as much as possible.  We also believe in supporting small entrepreneurs across the USA, including those in our home town of Pittsburgh.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to:

  • Source and produce food & drinks that support Well Being
  • Treat our customers as family and share a slice of the world with them
  • Dedicate to our employees’ growth and development
  • Support artists, entrepreneurs,  innovators and our local community

Our Purveyors

We are proud to serve some of the best coffees and teas in the world.  We have partnered with Verve Roasters from Santa Cruz, CA. They source their coffee from around the world with the vision to connect farmers, baristas, and consumers.  We are the first coffee shop in PA to carry this amazing coffee from Verve.

Another first for PA, we are excited to source tea from the widely-acclaimed Rishi Tea.  Our tea program features a large variety of organic tea that will satisfy seasoned tea lovers and newcomers alike.  We also serve a weekend High Tea in the traditional British fashion.

To accompany our great tea and coffee selections, we have light, healthy food to enhance your experience at ADDA.  All our cooked food is prepared and catered by some of our wonderful local restaurants and eateries. We also have organic, non-GMO, easy to grab packaged foods to satisfy our customer’s mood any time of the day. A few of our purveyors can be seen below.