Featured Artist: Ryan Ian McCormick

Featured Artist: Ryan Ian McCormick

Ryan Ian McCormick is a Wilkinsburg-based visual artist, who is originally from Belleville, Michigan and studied at Michigan State University. He is red-green colorblind, and rather than thinking of his colorblindness as a weakness, he uses it as a strength. Basically, turning a perceived weakness into an invitation to use wildly abstract and fun color schemes.

“Pittsburgh Powerlines” is a display of his latest paintings. The pieces isolate the sometimes forgotten beauty of the poles and wires that inhabit, invade and decompose in Pittsburgh and around the world.

McCormick teaches art at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and also at Assemble (A Community Space for Arts and Technology). He is also a sign artist at Trader Joe’s in East Liberty.

His website is mccormickart.com and you can find him on Instagram @mccormickart.

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