Have Fun Do Good

Have fun do good

What: Have Fun Do Good is a volunteer travel and event company based in Pittsburgh, PA. We provide fun and unique opportunities for individuals and groups to experience the life-changing effects of volunteerism.

Why: People are looking for purpose! Through travel and immersion, we challenge our participants to step out of their comfort zones to learn, grow, try new things and make a difference. Have Fun Do Good participants are exposed to new people, experiences and locations during organized community service projects throughout the country. We believe that this type of exposure is a crucial factor in developing volunteers, civic leaders and change-makers. While part of our mission is to raise awareness for the non-profit organizations with which we partner, our main goal is to provide the opportunity for our participants to experience a variety of community service projects with the hope that they will discover what it is they are truly passionate about and continue serving upon returning home.

Impact: “It was one of the best weekends of my life. What an incredible group of people sharing such a rewarding experience. I feel like the things we did were very different from each other which offered variety and excitement. I didn’t know what to expect from this weekend and everything exceeded my expectations. You guys are great! Can’t wait for the next trip!” -Missy Montan

Happening Now:  The Have Fun Do Good team is currently converting a 2002 Bluebird School Bus to a fully functional RV. This will serve as their main vehicle for trip participants. Follow the progress below!

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Facebook: havefunanddogood // Snapchat: havefun.dogood