Hope for the Homeless (in Pittsburgh)

At Adda, we are paying it forward by donating a percentage of our proceeds each month to two charities — one local Pittsburgh-based and a second tied to the current chosen spotlight region. This month, the local organization that we are featuring is Pittsburgh Mercy Health System – Operation Safety Net


 Who They Are: Operation Safety Net, part of the Pittsburgh Mercy Health System and Trinity Health, sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, touches the lives of hundreds of men and women living on the streets in Pittsburgh annually by providing them with access to health care, hope, and dignity.

Their Purpose: As long as there are unsheltered homeless sleeping on our streets, in our abandoned buildings, and along our riverbanks, Operation Safety Net will provide access to health care that is designed to meet their unique needs.

Their History: In 1992, Dr. Jim Withers, an internal medicine physician, began providing medical care to Pittsburgh’s unsheltered homeless population. He partnered with street-savvy formerly homeless individuals and, initially dressing as a homeless person, began to make nighttime street rounds in the alleys and under the bridges of the city. From this initial outreach service other clinical volunteers joined in and Operation Safety Net was born. Today, Operation Safety Net is recognized as one of nation’s first, targeted, full-time street medicine programs. It continues to set the standard for this unique form of health care. Street outreach teams, along with medical staff, take to the streets day and night to serve those that are most vulnerable and otherwise do not use typical services.

The people we serve have taught us how to best address their needs in the context of their real lives. By developing trust and fostering deep, personal connection with the individuals we serve, we are able to partner with them to find solutions.

Your support to Operation Safety Net Street Outreach goes directly to the men and women living on the street and assists with basic needs, necessities and medical supplies.

For more information about our street outreach programs please contact:  

Chris Roach M: 412-689-0976 or CRoach@pittsburghmercy.org

Website: https://www.pmhs.org/operation-safety-net/