Isabelle Brourman

Isabelle Brourman

Starting November 5th we will introduce our next Featured Artist: Isabelle Bourman.

Artist’s Statement of Isabelle Bourman:

“Beautiful and tangled in doubt, the unknown creates a haunting aspect to my work. It reveals a space of mystery where light can be transformed into the likes of my own imagination. Some might call this delusion- to see something in  the object other than the object itself, but I believe it is a great source of enjoyment. It is the act of experiencing imagination. Imagining isn’t a far-fetched experience separate from reality, but rather it emanates from reality. It is a real experience. Fantasy made physical. An object’s physical reality is imagination’s vehicle for creative growth in which we, as infants in a new world, may crawl  in and around.

There is also a sadness in my work emanating from the cognitive dissonance we bear as humans: understanding the separation between what’s wanted and what actually is, between romance and reality. This creates disappointment if it is not used for a greater good such as the process of creating new things to bridge these two worlds. This is what I try to do.”

Come check out Isabelle’s work at Adda for yourself. Prints and postcards of Bourman’s work will be available to purchase at Adda. For more, visit her website at

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