Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force

Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force

OVERVIEW: Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force (PATF) is committed to supporting and empowering all individuals with HIV/AIDS and to preventing the spread of the virus. In continuation of our commitment to ending the epidemic in southwestern Pennsylvania, PATF is opening a medical clinic this month.

Why?: HIV continues to be a major health problem around the world and right here in Pittsburgh. There are nearly 4,000 individuals living with HIV in our region, and many of those individuals do not receive adequate care. PATF provides vital services to HIV-positive individuals, including medical case management; food pantry; and housing, emergency fund, legal, and transportation assistance.

Rates of new HIV infection have remained steady in our region and rates of Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis have surged. PATF runs a free and confidential HIV, STI and Hepatitis C testing program and conducts prevention outreach programming around our region.

Impact: PATF serves approximately 650 HIV-positive individuals each year, 65 percent of whom live below the federal poverty level. In the last year, PATF provided over 17,000 free condoms to the community, along with safer sex information. Our programming reaches those at greatest risk for HIV infection including gay and bisexual men, African American women and transgender individuals.

Happening Now: This month, PATF is opening a medical clinic providing HIV/AIDS and routine medical care for HIV-positive individuals. In addition, the new clinic will care for the sexual health of the community, regardless of HIV status. For HIV-negative individuals, PATF will now be able to prescribe Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), which lowers the risk of HIV infection by more than 90 percent.