Oolong Flights at Adda Coffee and Tea House

Oolong Flights at Adda Coffee and Tea House

Just because “Tea” comes after coffee in our name, doesn’t mean we take it less seriously. Join us Thursday, September 20th, from 11AM for a flight of 4 oolong teas from our tea purveyor, Rishi Tea and Botanicals. A few representatives from Rishi will be joining us, as well, to answer any questions you may have. We are proud to offer teas from Rishi, and we’re excited to share an event like this to give you the opportunity to find out why.

The tea line up is as follows:

Bao Zhong – (single origin, single cultivar) – Nantou, Taiwan

Li Shan – (single origin, single cultivar) – Li Shan, Taiwan

Gui Fei – (single origin, single cultivar) – Lu Gu, Zhu Shan, Taiwan

Ruby Oolong Qingming Special – (single origin, single cultivar) – Doi Mae Salong, Thailand


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