S.K. Frey Spring Collection

S.K. Frey Spring Collection

Spring is fully in swing! With warmer weather, the flowers bloom and chocolate arrives at Adda!

The S.K. Frey Spring collection takes inspiration from the flowers around us and the bees that pollinate them.

  1. Strawberry Mint: dehydrated strawberries, candied mint, and 40% Valrhona milk chocolate
  2. Lavender Rose: candied rose petals, organic lavender leaves, and 64% Valrhona dark chocolate
  3. Blueberry Violet: candied voilets, dried blueberries, and Valrhona white chocolate
  4. Honeycomb: honeycomb embedded in 64% Valrhona dark chocolate


Available in 8oz and 16.5oz sets, this collection makes a wonderful gift (or treat)!

On sale now!


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