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At Adda, we are paying it forward by donating a percentage of our proceeds each month to two charities — one local Pittsburgh-based and a second tied to the current chosen spotlight region. This month, the international organization that we are featuring is  The Project to End Human Trafficking. This is a supported project of the Social Impact Institute.


Their Mission:  The Project to End Human Trafficking works toward the prevention and elimination of trafficking in persons through awareness raising, direct service coordination, capacity building and collaboration with key stakeholders.

 Their Story:  The Project to End Human Trafficking (PEHT) is a non-profit organization managed entirely by volunteers. Our main office is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA and we have a chapter in Washington D.C. and a sister office in Mokono Uganda. While our primary operations, such as direct services to victims and survivors, are based locally in the Greater Pittsburgh Area, our educational outreach and coalition building efforts stretch to a national and global scale.

As part of the anti-slavery movement, PEHT was founded in 2004 by Dr. Mary C. Burke and several of her former graduate students at Carlow University. At the time it was one of only three organizations in the United States dedicated exclusively to anti-human trafficking work.

In 2003, when Dr. Burke and her team began to learn about human trafficking, their intent was to more comprehensively understand the issue itself and the trauma and psychological effects/challenges from a counseling psychology perspective. Soon they realized the pervasiveness of human trafficking which altered the direction and intensity of their efforts. Now PEHT consistently receives requests from the United States and abroad for general information sessions as well as for specialized training for professionals who are likely to come into contact with a victim or survivor.

Shortly after PEHT was founded, Dr. Burke began the Western Pennsylvania Human Trafficking Coalition. Today the Coalition is co-facilitated by PEHT and the Special Agents from the local FBI Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force.

Project to End Human Trafficking

3333 Fifth Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15213





Their Mission: We work collaboratively within communities to address problems that compromise human rights, human development, and security.

Where They Work: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania + Uganda

What They Do: Work to meet the needs of survivors of human trafficking and gender based violence, and other local vulnerable populations.

Your support will allow us to continue to providing services and resources to these survivors! Thank you for your generosity.

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