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Treat yourself to an expertly crafted drink at one of our cafes.

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Discover thoughtfully-sourced goods from around the globe. So much more than coffee and tea.

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Share in our passion for coffee and tea, and learn how to brew the perfect cup.


Thoughtfully-sourced goods from partners that we know and trust. From coffee and tea to home goods and apparel, explore our bazaar to find your new favorite things. 


The very heart of Adda. Join the conversation and become immersed in all things Adda.

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A marketplace for artists, craftspeople, and makers of all kinds to share their goods, their works and their passions with the community we love.

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Cultivating connection over coffee and tea. A place for our guests to connect with each other, our team and our partners. 

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What Our Community Says

“Adda is one of my absolute favorite places in the city to get coffee and treats. I love their espresso drinks with oatmilk (they have the best oatmilk in the city, hands-down), and their Bazaar is a fantastic place to find unique gifts and goodies for your loved ones or for yourself. Adda is a necessary part of my ideal date night in Pittsburgh!”
“My husband and I love coffee but we are very picky about the nature of the beans and coffee blends. Can I just say we have found our favorite at Adda Coffee and Tea House!

Not only is their Conversation Blend our favorite coffee of all time but their online customer service is top notch!”
Andrea Nine
  —  Living on Cloud Nine
“The basket selections from the Bazaar feature high-quality products and highlight the amazing local talent Pittsburgh is lucky enough to have! I especially love the wide array of chocolates that make for a perfect gift (or personal treat!) every time.”

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