Barista Spotlight


Role at Adda


Where are you from?

Pittsburgh, PA

Talk to me about:

Whatever you are reading or watching at the moment! I love to talk about books, essays, poetry or movies.

Favorite Adda drink to make?

A cappuccino. Cappuccinos are the best to practice latte art and the ratio of milk to espresso is perfect if you are in the mood for one.

When I'm not at Adda....

I am usually in some other coffee shop reading or writing. Sometimes I’m at the park or the movies!

Off-menu riff?

Instead of a mocha latte, I will use our chocolate milk to make mocha cappuccinos or cortados. For me, a latte is just a little bit too much milk.

My soundtrack at work is....

Usually at some point in the shift I will put on Speaking in Tongues, the “Call Me by Your Name” soundtrack, or Alex G.

I recommend:

The Government Center, a record store in the Northside, or any of the independent bookstores in the city, especially The Big Idea in Bloomfield.

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