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Bombabird Ceramics

Handmade, functional stoneware that is thrown, fired and finished in Pittsburgh.

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Bombabird Ceramics

Bombabird is a small-batch ceramics studio that explores modern form and texture. Each piece is wheel-thrown, finished in a custom glaze, and designed to make the simple moments of your day a bit more special.

June 2017
Pittsburgh, PA

Bombabird emerged from the mind of Pittsburgh native Chelsea Erdner.

Her love of ceramics began in high school when an art teacher recognized her talent, and wrote her excuse notes so she could continue to work on her projects.

She focuses her style on utilitarian minimalism, creating pieces that are useful as well as beautiful.

Each Bombabird mug nestles neatly into your hand, molding to you in a way that speaks to the care and attention Chelsea places into crafting each piece.

Bombabird Ceramics


Bud Vase — Rough Earth by Bombabird Ceramics
Standard Mug — Ribbed White by Bombabird Ceramics
Espresso Cup by Bombabird Ceramics
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