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Wearable and functional fiber products, hand made sustainably with vintage tools.

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Individjuli makes unique and modern fiber products using anachronistic tools like a vintage Japanese knitting machine. Designs include everything from artworks, hats, and office supplies to other products that aren't normally associated with being soft and fuzzy. All items are inspired by minimalism, coziness, vintage sportswear, and the absurd. Individjuli is committed to using sustainable materials (wool and cotton) for people who seek joy in the simple and unique.

Champaign, Illinois

IndividJuli is a small creative business run by Juli Sherry. Juli is a self described nomad and has spent time in multiple parts of the country including, Chicago, IL, Palo Alto, CA, Pittsburgh, PA and she has recently landed in Champaign, IL.

She studied design strategy at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, CA and currently works as a designer creating science-based media for a small firm on the west coast. But her curiosity and desire to practice design in multiple mediums led her to dive deeply into her love of fiber and so she started selling her creations under the name IndividJuli. She spends any extra time she has playing with yarn in her attic studio.

She loves working on new ideas so she releases new designs every fall for the winter season. Her creations are meant to bring warmth and joy to those who wear/use them. She thinks deeply about how the materials she uses affect the ecosystem that links us all together, so she strives to make choices that are sustainable and work in harmony with our natural systems.

Her product designs are a way for her explore new fuzzy ideas and to share her desire to be a little softer and little warmer with everyone who encounters them.



Handmade Color Block Beanie
Handmade Striped Beanie
Pen Set
Pencil Set
Knit Scrunchies
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