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Jalsa By Veda

Jalsa By Veda was started by Veda Sankaran, a lifetime Central PA girl and longtime resident of Pittsburgh, as a means of bringing a more inclusive picture of what constitutes American food.

April 2019
Pittsburgh, PA

As a first generation immigrant bridging two cultures, she believes food to be a medium by which to explore the many facets of identity. The food we make, eat, and share tells our story. 

Through her recipe development, local pop up dinners, and signature spice mix, she hopes to engage in a deeper conversation regarding the valuing of immigrant cuisine in America and the inevitable metamorphosis of that cuisine into something quintessentially American.

Jalsa By Veda’s Signature Spice mix is a carefully selected blend of spices that allows the home cook to easily create traditional Indian cuisine as well as add a touch of Indian flavor to their own favorite recipes.

Jalsa By Veda


Signature Spice Mix - Jalsa By Veda
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