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Kim Everhard Art

Watercolor fine art prints that bring nature's beauty and peace to your home

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Kim Everhard Art

Kim Everhard Art provides a welcome dose of peace and tranquility to your home with watercolor paintings, prints and stickers inspired by the beauty of the outdoors. Enjoy inspiration from nature in your daily life.

Wadsworth, Ohio

Kim Everhard Art is a reflection of Kimberlee Everhard's desire to share her passion for nature and art with others. She finds nature to be a source of peace and tranquility and creates art to give others a way to enjoy its beauty in their home.

Her watercolor landscapes, painted from her own adventures outdoors, offer a moment of peace and reflection. All people struggle to find moments of calm and peace at times. But the beautiful scenes that Kimberlee portrays in her paintings and art prints can help you find that peace. Something as simple as a beautiful painting on your wall can make you smile and remind you that there is peace and beauty in the world.

Her artwork is not just decor for your wall, it's inspiration from nature, a reminder of the beauty of creation and an opportunity to seek peace in your daily life.

Kim Everhard Art


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