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All-natural skincare and aHomeatherapy™️ products infused with energy

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Rūtz Naturals

Rūtz Naturals is an online shop selling all-natural skincare and aHomeatherapy™️ products infused with energy.

Rūtz is a very different style of skincare and home aromatherapy. Made from the  "good stuff" from Mama Earth, all products are also infused with enough high vibrational energy that it could light up a small country. This actual infusion of Reiki energy is Rūtz Naturals’s not-so-secret-sauce. 

September 2013
Pittsburgh, PA

As far back as founder and owner, Steph Schuler, can remember, her Native American mama (known for her generosity + spiritual wisdom) was always making natural scrubs, facial and hair masks, and scented oils for her friends and family.  Fascinated, Steph was hooked from the age of 5. Fast forward 20 something years and she began experimenting with her own concoctions, putting them in pretty little jars as gifts for friends. 

In her early 20s, she began her career as a local makeup artist and worked her way to becoming a national artist working on designer and celebrity lines for New York Fashion Week. Steph then ventured to the business side of beauty and led sales and artistry teams throughout the Midwest for a decade. In time, she came to realize just how many chemicals are in so many of the skincare products we use daily, and how more brands than not left her with the feeling of not being good enough if she didn’t own X product. Steph wanted to remove that style of marketing and kick it to the curb because she believes we all have that inner glow, that sparkle, and Rūtz wants to be the energetic icing on your cake.

Soon after training with Cindy Wellman to become a Reiki Master, the idea to start a skincare line that actually infused energy into its products kept her up at night - literally. Steph felt this almost gravitational pull to create a much different style of skincare, one that was not only all natural but truly infused with positive energy and good intentions that makes the user shine to their fullest potential. Literally and metaphorically, Rūtz is all about beauty—rooted in total illumination. We blast each product with such intention, from a very beautiful energetic recipe, that it carries right on over to you—our customer!

Rūtz Naturals


Eye Conquered - Antioxidant Eye Cream
Lighten Up! - Hydrating + Brightening Face Moisturizer
Set of Three Mini Serums - Glow Ahead, Potent C + Physical Attraction
6 Piece Skin Set with Glow Ahead
Smooth Talker - Rich Body Moisturizer
Lemongrass Room Spritz
Peppermint + Lavender Cleaner
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