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Winter Pickle Press

Distinctive, hand-printed linocut greeting cards and wall art made with recycled and sustainable materials right here in Pittsburgh

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Winter Pickle Press

Winter Pickle Press designs and prints eco-friendly linocuts in a small workshop in the Bloomfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Every card is individually printed from hand-carved blocks using a small etching press and printing baren. This process results in small variations between prints making each card a truly unique piece of art to send to a loved one or to add to your own gallery wall.

Pittsburgh, PA

Originally from Brighton, England, Becky Compeau moved to the United States in 2012 and started linocut printing and etching in San Diego in her spare time while working for an art conservation center. After moving to Pittsburgh in the summer of 2015, her printing slowed down while she worked for a local non-profit organization, until 2019 when she got heavily back into linocut printing and started Winter Pickle Press.

For Becky, the appeal of printing is that it draws together art and design, puzzle-solving, and even a little bit of engineering when it comes to the press mechanism: “There are so many variables to think about with every design and every print. You never really know whether you’ve achieved what you were aiming for until the “reveal” – the moment when you pull a print from the press. When a design prints well it is extremely gratifying!”

Winter Pickle Press places great importance on operating in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. They use 100% recycled, acid-free paper and envelopes (up to 100% post-consumer waste), safe water-based inks, and compostable plant-based protective sleeves.

Winter Pickle Press


Jade Succulent Baby - Winter Pickle Press
Haworthia Succulent Baby - Winter Pickle Press
Cornish Teapots - Winter Pickle Press
Golden Gingko Leaf - Winter Pickle Press
Tomatoes on the Vine - Winter Pickle Press
Carrots with Trowel - Winter Pickle Press
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