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in friendly conversation over tea and coffee.


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At Adda, our goal is to make you feel at home when you walk through our door. We are a place for community and communication. With that in mind, we present you Adda: Gatherings, giving you another opportunity to share our space with friends, family, or coworkers. 

With fully customizable options, we can help you tailor a gathering for up to 40 people. We’ve created a modular menu that gives you the ability to choose from several budget-friendly drink menu options, along with a variety of food menus designed by our talented team. These items, ranging from simple, elegant light-fare, to full-service High Tea, are sure to provide you with the perfect fit for your needs.

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Kona, Hawaii
Spotlight On..

Kona, Hawaii

/ April 08, 2019

ADDA will feature and spotlight a particular region of the world every month. Through the drinks and food we serve or the help of local artists we showcase, we aim to share the rich culture...