Barista Spotlight


Role at Adda


Where are you from?

Pittsburgh, Pa. Born and raised on the East End.

Talk to me about:

Your latest thrift store find, movies you love, what you’re reading (extra points for poetry). Also your cats, and plants. Got a garden? I want to hear about it. Crafts you’re working on? I’m all ears.

Favorite Adda drink to make?

Matcha anything; with vanilla and steamed oat milk, iced with a little honey. It’s a super earthy flavor and I love handing customers something so naturally striking in its color.

When I'm not at Adda....

I’m probably sitting on some grassy hill with a pile of notebooks and books I’ve picked up on my trips to the library.

Off-menu riff?

Unsurprisingly, it involves matcha. It’s a play on the Shadyside Sunrise, but with matcha, instead of espresso, and iced pineapple juice. It’s so refreshing and the two flavors really balance each other out. A match made in caffeine heaven.

My soundtrack at work is....

If it’s not a playlist I made specifically for the shift I’m working or the change of the zodiac season, it’s probably entire Angel Olsen or Frank Ocean albums.

I recommend:

Creative Reuse for your craft needs. They’re great because they repurpose donated craft supplies. You can find literally anything there. And if you have a bunch of abandoned projects and craft supplies you’ll never touch again, you can donate it! Also shout out to Spak Brothers, just because.

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