Barista Spotlight


Role at Adda


Where are you from?

I grew up in Greenfield in the heart of Pittsburgh.

Talk to me about:

Toni Morrison’s short story “Recitatif.”

Favorite Adda drink to make?

The Pea Blossom Matcha Latte. The vibrant colors make it a crowd pleaser. There’s always a reaction when I serve it.

When I'm not at Adda....

I’m in a bookstore, spending too much money on books.

Off-menu riff?

The Shadyside Sunrise in a cortado glass. I call it a “courtside sunrise.”

My soundtrack at work is....

Mitski and Mitski-based radio stations. I like contemplative, borderline-sad vibes while brewing things. 

I recommend:

Madeleine Bakery & Bistro in Regent Square. It also happens to be the bakery that we use for our scones and croissants. I’m particularly passionate about the buttery croissant.

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