Barista Spotlight


Role at Adda


Where are you from?

Pittsburgh, born and raised. 

Talk to me about:

Your relationship. Seriously. I listen to a lot of Esther Perel and I think I give great advice.

Favorite Adda drink to make?

The perfect shot of espresso. It still eludes me.

When I'm not at Adda....

I am likely watching reruns on Netflix of a show I have already seen 4-7 times (e.g. early seasons of Grey's Anatomy or Gilmore Girls).

Off-menu riff?

Cinnamon plum tea with vanilla syrup and steamed oat milk. One of our baristas created it over Valentine's Day. It’s beautiful and delicious.

My soundtrack at work is....

I get made fun of for playing John Mayer's entire discography. I can't help it. I think it is good coffee shop music because it is not too intrusive. Something about his lyrics and guitar riffs just makes me happy when I am on the bar.

I recommend:

City Theater in the South Side. It’s one of Pittsburgh's best kept secrets that should definitely not be a secret! They put on amazing plays that always manage to floor me and make me think. Highly recommended.

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