Barista Spotlight


Role at Adda


Where are you from?

Fairhope, Alabama

Talk to me about:

Social justice, environmental issues, the arts, or the Pittsburgh queer community.

Favorite Adda drink to make?

The Shadyside Sunrise. I love making people try something new and there is always a good reaction.

When I'm not at Adda....

I’m at home, cooking with vegetables from the farmer’s market. If it’s a nice day, I’m usually on a hike or riding my bike somewhere.

Off-menu riff?

We like to call it the “Grown-Up Chocolate Milk.” It’s chocolate milk served in a cortado glass and topped with espresso and salt. I love the last sip of cold milk, warm espresso, and a little bit of salt. Nothing beats it.

My soundtrack at work is....

A wide variety of music and my soundtrack is dependent on the time of day. When I am opening the shop, I like to start the day with some Fleet Foxes. Then throughout my shift, I usually shuffle through the Smiths, Father John Misty and Soccer Mommy. Once we are closed, I just blast Lady Gaga.

I recommend:

White Whale Bookstore and Bitter Ends Garden & Luncheonette, two great spots in Bloomfield.

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