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Heirloom Recipe Cards

Documenting family recipes keeps part of the legacy of our relatives and loved ones alive. Each cook in a family contributes her own flavor and style.The food your family prepared is unique to your bloodline and the legacy your heritage can tell.

These heirloom recipe cards offer lines to ponder the memories made either present day or generations before with each food item. This note can be as simple as the one I wrote for my grandma's blueberry pie. "When Grandma made this pie, Dad ALWAYS went over to share a piece with her!”

This can be linked to each of her journal entries, all of my memories, my dad's stories, and even those times where I got to share in that memory, too. I want my kids to be able to recall that special sentiment when I share the recipe with them someday. These stories, these little details and snippets of seemingly ordinary life, are things generations after you can celebrate but otherwise may never have known. They matter. They are what make family, family.


4x6 double-sided letterpress printed heirloom recipe cards for 15 heirloom recipes with memory prompts & space for personalization and story-telling

Custom crafted genuine leather satchel recipe holder with brass snap | artist

collaboration with in blue leather


Genuine leather tag with calligraphy detail | artist collaboration with in blue leather


 Brass binding ring

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