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Takesumi Shio

This black salt is made by packing sea salt into a three year old bamboo and slowly roasting it over three days using traditional Japanese furnaces. The result is a milder salt, with a hint of smokiness and a sweet finish. Visibly interesting as well, this is a great finishing salt for anything from sushi (especially squid or tuna) to yakiniku (grilled meats) to pasta.

The salt packed into the bamboo is a true sea salt filled with natural minerals that provide bitterness, sweetness, slight acidity and, of course, saltiness. Suzu Shio is a rich and full tasting sea salt, and is one of the best from Japan. The Noto Peninsula reaches far out into the Japan Sea from the north coast of central Honshu, the main island of the country. This is where the warm current and cold current of the sea collide, bringing saltier water to this region.



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