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August 1, 2020

Cafe Liminal wants to help you live a healthier life

Cafe Liminal believes food is medicine

Adda Coffee and Tea House has always been a place for a pick-me-up coffee, tea or pastry. But now, with help from Cafe Liminal, we’re able to provide more lunch-leaning options with health and wellness in mind. Anthony Curtis, the owner of Cafe Liminal, prides himself on bringing carefully sourced, macronutrient, balanced meals to the Pittsburgh community. He founded Cafe Liminal on the belief that food is medicine. 

“Liminal” is a term often used in architecture and psychology, meaning transition or a transitional space. “The sun is always rising on new ideas and people are consistently waking up to concepts they have never considered before. Food is one of those concepts and as it is with all new ideas, people need time to catch a new rhythm. They need a transitional place to move from what was into what is and Cafe Liminal hopes to provide that for people wherever they are on the journey,” says Anthony  

Cafe Liminal's Avocado Toast

The cafe’s customers range from people just beginning their health and wellness journeys to athletes working to get to the next level. 

The idea for Cafe Liminal began in October 2019 as Steel City Subs. Anthony Curtis was new to Pittsburgh and wanted to see if he could make a brand around well-loved and familiar foods like subs, bowls, and salads. People responded very positively to his organic bowls and salads and by January, Steel City Subs became Cafe Liminal.

Cafe Liminal offers gluten-free bread, organically grown veggies, and responsibly sourced meats. Most chefs attend culinary programs that focus solely on developing flavors but Anthony believes there are other equally important things for chefs to consider. Not only are Cafe Liminal’s dishes packed full of flavor and texture, the food is prepared in a way that helps the body's natural processes. 

The Nourish Bowl

Anthony's favorite part of his work with Cafe Liminal is when people use food to improve the quality of their lives. It’s a joy for him to see someone with celiac disease or specific dietary restrictions look at the menu for the first time and see options with ingredients that won’t make them sick. “We speak their language so they don’t have to navigate awkward conversations explaining what they can or can not have,” says Anthony.

Healthy eating doesn’t always happen overnight. Cafe Liminal believes you need a transitional space to pick up positive eating habits. 

“It is helpful to give ourselves permission and the grace to figure it out over time.  Take trying to eat better for example: we pressure ourselves to get there now, instead of giving ourselves time to lay down one bad habit at a time and adopt a new pattern. Don’t rush the liminal moment. The space between is where we are formed,” Anthony says.

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