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Gluten Free Goat Has Something Sweet for Everyone

Bringing joy with gluten-free baked goods

At Adda Coffee & Tea, we think everybody deserves something sweet. We partnered with Gluten Free Goat to ensure each of our guests has something special that fits their dietary needs. Gluten Free Goat is a wholesale bakery that is dedicated to making pastries, breads and other goodies completely gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and plant-based. Its mission is to “bring joy, in the form of baked goods, to those who cannot typically partake due to dietary restrictions.” A customer called it “gluten-free heaven.”

Jeanette Harris, the owner of Gluten Free Goat, was inspired to bake gluten free confections because of her own health issues and dietary restrictions. Most of the gluten-free options Jeanette had tried left her wanting something that had more flavor and better textures. She set out to make something delicious, working with uncommon ingredients and flavors like combining rose and strawberry or lemon and lavender in donuts, or making a red velvet cake that’s main ingredient is beets. The lemon bars and baked apple cider donuts are a favorite among the Adda staff regardless of any dietary restrictions. 

Jeanette launched GFG in 2014, selling at Pittsburgh farmers markets and fairs. Now she has a robust wholesale business that supplies pastries and breads to over 20 coffee shops and cafes in and around Pittsburgh.

Whether you have dietary restrictions or you’re just looking for something delicious to snack on with a cup of Verve coffee or a signature Adda drink, Gluten Free Goat makes just the right treat for you. 

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