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May 22, 2020
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Partner Liberia aids rural Liberians

Partner Liberia and Adda Tea & Coffee provide important healthcare during COVID-19

Adda’s commitment to serving communities goes far beyond your daily cup of coffee. Since opening, we’ve partnered with charities to support and amplify their causes. Working with charities is how Adda continues the global conversation about the importance of service. 
In the fall of 2019, Adda teamed up with Partner Liberia, a Pittsburgh-based charity that works in Liberia to help provide health education for practitioners and better healthcare access to rural Liberians.

Co-founder Mike Davis with respiratory therapists, Sano and Winifred, discuss mechanical ventilation strategies.

When Adda partners with a charity, we make a specialty drink to highlight that region, pulling from the landscape, cultures and common flavors of that place. For Partner Liberia, our baristas researched flavors popular in Liberian cuisine, such as ginger root and coconut. Pulling from these regional flavors, as well as the seasonal ingredients available, our baristas incorporated ginger juice and maple sugar with espresso. The result was the Ginger Snapuccino, an earthy cappuccino with spicy and sweet notes, topped with a toasted marshmallow and served with ginger snap cookies. 

100 percent of the profits from each drink went to Partner Liberia. Mike Davis, the co-founder of Partner Liberia, spoke about the importance of the donation. 

The Ginger Snapuccino

“The donation from Adda could not have been timelier with the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. This donation has greatly supported our respiratory care training and practice programs in Liberia. Our students and faculty at the Liberia Respiratory Care Institute have been working on the front lines during this time. This donation has facilitated their ability to safely save lives. It has supported personal protective equipment for them and supplies for treating patients.” 

Co-founder Mike Davis Graduation with the graduating charter class of the LRCI

As baristas, it's sometimes easy to believe that we only have a small effect on people's daily lives. But at Adda, through initiatives like this one, not only are we providing enjoyable beverages to our guests, together we are making a positive global impact. 

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