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May 22, 2020

The Pittsburgh Juice Company: Wellness with the Community in Mind

The Pittsburgh Juice Company is committed to health and sustainability

At our Shadyside location, there are an array of colorful juices with names like “Witch’s Brew” and “Drink Me” (inspired by Alice in Wonderland) all held in charming glass bottles. Since 2017, The Pittsburgh Juice Company has been a staple at Adda Coffee & Tea, stocking 16-ounce bottles of cold-pressed juices and smoothies in assorted colors and flavors.  

Owner Naomi Hoppel launched PJC following three years of service in the Peace Corps with the goal of combining her passions for food, wellness, and community.

Owner Naomi Hoppel

PJC has built its reputation on its commitment to health and wellness; creating smoothies, juices, and small-bites that are appealing and nutritious. “What we sought to build in 2013 was a small and reliable institution of easily accessible nutrition and products that promote wellness,” she says. 

At PJC, focusing on health means considering environmental health as well. To help reduce waste, the company implements such initiatives as using compostable food containers, offering discounts on juices close to expiration and repurposing and donating as much of their juice pulp as possible. Its glass bottle return program allows customers to recycle while racking up points to earn free juices.

When PJC began selling wholesale, Adda was one of the first businesses they contacted. Adda and the Pittsburgh Juice Company have a shared goal for community wellness and bringing quality artisan products to our neighborhoods. Whether it’s the refreshing Berry Watermelon juice or the lavender-infused Black Beauty water, we are thrilled to share their tasty and nutrient-packed beverages with our guests.

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