Vanilla Latte

With real vanilla bean and raw sugar, this is an excellent take on a true favorite.

1-2oz. espresso

8oz steamed milk

20g vanilla syrup

Vanilla Latte

Real Vanilla Bean and Raw Sugar

Place 20g of vanilla syrup in the bottom of a mug.

Pull an espresso shot over the syrup.

Steam milk and pour over espresso.


500g sugar in the raw

1 ⅔ cup boiling water

1 vanilla bean, halved and scored

Vanilla Syrup

The perfect shot of sweet for any coffee or tea drink.

Whisk sugar and hot water in a large mixing bowl until sugar is dissolved.

Place the halved and scored vanilla bean in a container (we use 8 oz. squirt bottles, but a heat-proof bowl will work too).

Pour sugar syrup into container with the vanilla bean.

Let soak for 24 hours or until vanilla has infused into the sugar syrup, to taste.

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