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Adda Coffee & Tea teams up with Verve Coffee Roasters

Adda Coffee & Tea and Verve Coffee Roasters offer two special-branded coffee roasts

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Introducing our two newest collaborations with Verve Coffee Roasters!

June 19, 2020

After four years of working with Verve Coffee Roasters to bring you the best coffee we can source, Adda Coffee & Tea is thrilled to have its own speciality-branded coffees from Verve! The Santa Cruz-based coffee company, founded in 2007, has 13 cafes worldwide from California to Japan. In spite of their global reach, Adda is proud to be one of only 10 private label collaborations. 

The new Adda and Verve collaboration labels are our Conversation Blend, which will be served as our drip coffee, and the Highland Avenue blend, for our in-house espresso blend. 

The Conversation Blend is made of coffees sourced from Ethiopia, from the area of Limu and the Yirgacheffe region. The flavor profile features candied notes of allspice and Earl Grey. The blend is meant to honor Ethiopia as the birthplace of coffee. “Both of our companies focus on connecting our customers with each other and with the source of the coffee. We hope the Conversation Blend can help facilitate those conversations,” says Mac Atkinson, a direct sale manager for Verve. 

Introducing our two newest blends!

The Highland Avenue blend is made from coffees sourced from the mountainous regions of Colombia and Honduras. The flavor profile features notes of red apple, marmalade and molasses. Verve’s commitment to small farms is notable in this blend, using beans from small-share and family farms, like the Echavarría family, who have been instrumental in developing coffee farming and opportunities in the Antioquia of Colombia where some of these beans are sourced.

Adda Coffee & Tea is excited to continue our partnership with Verve Coffee Roasters through this collaboration, barista trainings and more. 

If you’re dying to try some of our new blends, come see us at the store, shop for them in our online Bazaar or give them as a gift this Father’s Day with our special Father’s Day pour over kit! Snag all the things you need to make a delicious cup of coffee at home and a free bag of Verve Coffee

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