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Need a gift for a special coffee drinker in your life? Look no further.

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Whether your coffee enthusiast needs a coffee bottle that keeps up with their busy life, loves to make handmade brews, or needs a new machine -- there’s a perfect gift out there for them. 

August 1, 2020

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a coffee lover in your life, then you’ve come to the right place. 

The first step is identifying what your coffee lover loves most. Is it a new mug? Quiet time to do some light reading? Always having coffee on hand? Or something else? 

Every coffee lover is different and they all have something unique that excites them. Whether your coffee enthusiast needs a coffee bottle that keeps up with their busy life, loves to make handmade brews, or needs a new machine -- there’s a perfect gift out there for them. 

In this article, we’ll share gift ideas based on a few common types of coffee lovers out there. So go ahead and dive in to see where your loved one fits in! 

Coffee Lovers Who Love Their Mugs

We all know that coffee drinker who has an entire cabinet filled with special mugs. You know, that person who gets a little too excited when they find a new mug to add to their collection. 

Well, why not add to that excitement by getting them the perfect new mug to sip their morning brew out of? You don’t have to break the bank to please this coffee lover. Let’s look at a few great options to consider. 

Keep it simple and sweet.

Ribbed white ceramic Bombabird Ceramics coffee mug
Who doesn’t love an everyday use, ceramic coffee mug? This beautiful white cup will be the perfect addition to their mug collection. 

Keep it simple and wow your mug lover with this beautiful ribbed white ceramic mug by Bombabird Ceramics. This wheel-thrown mug offers a wide handle and can hold 16 oz. of coffee -- perfect for their first (or second) cup of coffee of the day. The icing on the cake is that it is dishwasher and microwave safe, meaning no hand cleaning needed!

Available at Adda Coffee & Tea House

Price $48

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Espresso more their style?

 two white and cold, Joey Demitasse ceramic espresso mugs
Treat your espresso lover with a set of ceramic cups made with them in mind. They’ll definitely add a touch of beauty to the mug cabinet. 

If your mug loving coffee enthusiast would prefer a strong espresso over a full cup of joe -- this is the one for you. This pair or Joey Demitasse mugs come with the promise of keeping your hands cool and your coffee hot with their double-walled build. With a touch of gold, these espresso cups are guaranteed to stand out and wow your coffee lover. 

Available at Adda Coffee & Tea House

Price $35

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Coffee Lovers Who Are Always on the Go

Speaking of those cup lovers -- let’s talk about gifts for those who are always on the go. Let’s face it, you can never have enough to-go coffee mugs and that’s why they make the perfect gift. Whether they like their coffee hot or cold, there’s a to-go mug fit for their needs.

You’ll definitely want to check out these gifts if you’re shopping for a coffee lover who’s always on the go.

A little style to go with their morning coffee

Two white and blue Adda x SOMA ceramic bottles with a bamboo twist on lid
Gift your coffee enthusiast with one of these beautiful ceramic bottles and make their busy life a little bit brighter. 

One of these white and blue ceramic Adda x SOMA bottles will definitely make your busy bee happy! With a sleek design and the bamboo lid, these bottles are sure to stand out from the crowd. They can hold 12 oz of coffee and will keep their coffee hot or cold, depending on how they like it! It will be the first bottle they grab in the mornings to brew their favorite coffee to go. 

Available at Adda Coffee & Tea House

Price $30

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The perfect cold brew to go.

Clear SOMA cold brew bottle with a black lid for perfect pour-overs
This is the perfect bottle for anyone who loves cold brew coffee, and who is always on the go! 

We all know the coffee drinker who is always on the go and loves their cold-brewed coffee. Well, you may have just hit the present jackpot! 

This SOMA brew bottle is perfect for making cold brew coffee at home and it’s ready to hit the road within minutes! This unique brew bottle won’t disappoint, with 12 oz double-walled glass, it’s sure to keep their coffee cold during their entire commute.

Available at Adda Coffee & Tea House

Price $40

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A tote to carry their things.

White tote bag with coffee written in blue font
Give your loved one a way to carry around everything they need for their busy day with this tote bag.

Another great gift for your busy coffee lover is a coffee themed tote bag. With this tote, they can carry everything they need for their day and store their to-go mugs without the fear of losing them. 

If you choose to select this item, just make sure to leave a little extra time for shipping. To stay environmentally friendly, each tote bag is made once the order has been placed. 

Available at Adda Coffee & Tea House

Price $21

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Coffee Lovers Who Love to Brew Their Own

While some coffee drinkers prefer to grab a quick drink from their local coffee shop, others prefer to brew their own homemade cup, these gift ideas are for the latter. Sometimes, you can’t beat a homemade cup of coffee, but you need some special equipment to make the most out of it.

So if you’re looking for a gift that will make these brew-lovers smile ear to ear, keep on reading.

A perfectly sized coffee brewing kettle.

A white and wood finished pour-over coffee kettle
This sleek kettle is perfect for brewing coffee at home for gatherings, or just multiple morning cups for enjoying!

The Bona Enamel Pourover Coffee Kettle is a great gift for coffee lovers who enjoy brewing their own cup of coffee. Its gooseneck spout is designed for precise pouring and with a 800ml capacity is perfect for sharing. On top of that, it’s white finish with wood accents makes it a talking point all on its own.

Available at Adda Coffee & Tea House

Price $62.99

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A stylish drip coffee set.

Wooden drip coffee set with glass dripper, serving carafe, measuring spoon, and paper filters
This drip coffee set will not only brew a delicious cup of joe, but it’s also a beautiful addition to any kitchen. 

This drip coffee set is a great gift for coffee lovers of all kinds. It’s simple to use and beautifully designed with olive wood and heat proof glass. With a dripper, serving carafe, measuring spoon, and paper filters, this gift comes with everything they need to get started brewing right away.

Available at Adda Coffee & Tea House

Price $104.99

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Coffee Lover Who Needs a New Machine

Is your coffee lover still using an old machine to brew their morning cup of joe? Then the perfect gift for them might be a brand new coffee machine. A new machine can make their morning routine faster and give them an even better cup of coffee to enjoy.

Now, these might be gifts that are geared towards someone extra special in your life -- but are still great options! 

A coffee machine made for sharing.

Polished silver and black coffee brewing machine
Give your coffee lover a top of the line machine that can brew coffee for the entire family! Image courtesy of Heart Roasters.

This brewing machine is a great option when looking to splurge on your loved one. It has a thermal carriage and allows for easy control of how fast coffee flows through the machine. Coffee drinkers are sure to love this machine that can brew up to 40 oz and keep it warm for an hour -- perfect for sharing!

Available at Heart Roasters

Price $309

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A machine for perfect brewing everytime.

Silver and black 8 cup brewing machine
Perfectly brew coffee first thing in the morning with this 8 cup brewing machine within minutes. Image courtesy of Saint Frank Coffee.

If you’re looking for something a little more cost-efficient without sacrificing quality, this 8 cup brewer is a great option. It will brew the perfect cup of coffee by using the right temperature and water delivery. Best of all, they can start the brew cycle while they get ready in the morning and it will be ready to go when they are. 

Available at Saint Frank Coffee

Price $159.99

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The perfect grinder, for the perfect coffee

Coffee grinder 
If grinding their own coffee is their favorite thing to do in the mornings, this gift will put a big smile on their face. Image courtesy of Sight Glass Coffee.

With up to 40 different grinding options to choose from, this grinder is sure to produce the most delicious cup of coffee. Whether they prefer a full cup or espresso is more their speed -- this grinder can do it all. 

Available at Sight Glass Coffee

Price $150

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Coffee Lovers Who Can’t Get Enough Coffee

For the coffee lovers who just can’t get enough, give them the gift that just keeps on giving! You can purchase coffee subscriptions that are sent to their home right when they need it. It’s a gift that they will enjoy for months to come, and they’ll love you for it! 

Who doesn’t love coffee and chocolate?

Candy bar with bright rainbow and unicorn packaging
Don’t stop at just the coffee subscription -- add chocolates to sweeten the deal!

Surprise your coffee enthusiast with a new bag of coffee and a specialty chocolate bar! They’ll be waiting by the door for their next bag of coffee and delicious treat -- and they’re sure to enjoy it each time! Schedule their present to arrive every two weeks or once a month.

Available at Adda Coffee & Tea House

Price $24.50

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Gift them coffee from around the world.

A bag of coffee beans, coffee cup, and postcard from Ethiopia 
Send your coffee lover on a trip around the world with a coffee subscription from Atlas Coffee Club. Image courtesy of Atlas Coffee Club.

Looking for a coffee subscription that has a unique factor to it? Why not surprise them with coffee from a new country every month. With Atlas Coffee Club’s monthly subscription, your coffee lover will receive a bag of coffee and postcard from the country it originated in. It’s almost like they're taking a trip around the world each month -- and it can be enjoyed at their own home. 

Available at Atlas Coffee Club

Price $14 for a single bag

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Coffee Lovers Who Love to Read and Sip

Our next type of coffee lover on our list is the ones that enjoy reading while drinking their morning coffee. The one who takes their time and digs into one of their favorite magazines or books.

For these coffee lovers, you’ll want to pick something that they can easily pick up and read for 20 minutes while enjoying their fresh brewed coffee. In this case, light reading is always a great way to go.

A magazine made for coffee lovers.

Standard Coffee Magazine with a woman drinking coffee on the front cover
Standart Coffee Magazine - The perfect magazine and light reading for anyone who loves coffee. 

Gifting someone a subscription to the Standard Coffee Magazine will provide your coffee lover with a new edition to read quarterly. Awarded Best Coffee Magazine by Sprudge three years in a row, readers get a glimpse into all aspects of the coffee industry -- a great gift for coffee enthusiasts. 

Available at Adda Coffee & Tea House

Price $19

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Make sure they’re up to date with the new rules of coffee.

The New Rules of Coffee guide front cover
Make sure your coffee lover is up-to-date on everything there’s to know about coffee -- it’s the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys coffee. 

This illustrated guide provides essential details on coffee-making and consuming both at home and in cafes. It’s great for coffee drinkers of all levels and provides facts, tips, stories, and so much more coffee-related information! This light reading guide is a great option for someone looking to unwind while enjoying their coffee.

Available at Adda Coffee & Tea House

Price $14.99

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Coffee Lovers Who Love CBD

If your coffee lover is one to enjoy the positive benefits of hemp extract, you’ll want to check out these gift ideas. Whether they use it to reduce anxiety, pain, or just enjoy adding a little something extra to their morning brew, CBD products are a great option.

Give the gift of Coffee + CBD

The packets of hello goldie nano CBD sundrops
Your coffee lover can add Sundrops to their favorite beverage to enjoy the benefits of both the coffee and CBD oils. 

Does your coffee enthusiast also love the power of CBD oils? Gift them a pack of Hello Goldie Sundrops, a single dose packet they can add to any drink of their choice. Each dose has 5 mgs of nano emulsified organic hemp extract that will add an extra kick to their morning brew. 

Available at Adda Coffee & Tea House

Price $59

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Coffee infused with CBD and ready to go.

A bag of coffee grounds from Hippie & French
CBD infused coffee beans are another great gift option for your coffee lover. Image courtesy of Hippie & French.

Your coffee enthusiast is sure to love this coffee blend of beans grown in Brazil and Colombia, with an extra little pick me up. This medium roasted coffee is infused with full-spectrum CBD oil and is ready to help make the mornings just a tad bit easier. 

On top of that, the company donates a portion of the sales to an animal rescue. You can find the perfect gift and help animals in need! What could be better? 

Available at Hippie & French

Price $35

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Coffee Lovers Who Love Gift Sets

Now for the traditional gift set -- a gift you can never go wrong with. A combination of things that coffee lovers of all kinds will love, these are great go-to options when you’re just not sure what to get. 

A gift box for the coffee enthusiast

A white coffee mug, bag of Verve coffee, and Third Wave Water Mineral Supplement
This gift box is designed for the coffee enthusiast in your life and filled packed with everything they need to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee.

This coffee gift box supplies everything needed to brew the best cup of coffee ever. With a bag of Verve Single Origin Coffee, an Adda mug, and a box of Third Wave Water Mineral Supplements -- your coffee lover will be set! 

Available at Adda Coffee & Tea House

Price $29

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A gift box made for espresso lovers.

Four boxes of espresso and two clear espresso cups
Espresso lovers will be overjoyed to open this gift box filled with plenty of espresso flavors. Image courtesy of Peet’s Coffee.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about those espresso lovers. In fact, this box is made specifically for them. With four different kinds of espresso and two perfectly sized glasses, your coffee lover will be excited to try out one of their new flavors. 

Available at Peet’s Coffee

Price $49.95

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As you can see, there’s a gift for any kind of coffee lover in your life! Now you just have to narrow it down to which is the best option for your loved one. But don’t worry, no matter what you choose they’ll love it! 

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