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The Perfect Gifts for the Tea Lover in Your Life

Looking for the perfect tea-related gift for your special someone? We’ve got you covered!

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There are tons of different tea gifting options out there, so how do you choose the right one?

August 1, 2020

When it comes to gift-giving, it’s always best to choose something your loved one enjoys. 

For many people, that’s sitting down with a nice hot (or maybe cold) cup of tea. If this sounds like the person you’re looking for the perfect gift for, look no further! 

There are tons of different tea gifting options out there, so how do you choose the right one? It all depends on what your tea lover enjoys and can range from unique tea flavors and brewing bottles to CBD infused tea and actual tea experiences. 

In this article, we’ll help you identify a few different gift ideas for the tea lover in your life. You’re sure to find something perfect! 

Special Tea Gift Boxes

What could be better than picking up a gift box that has everything you need to please your tea lover? With premade tea gift boxes, you don’t have to spend hours searching for the perfect combination of items -- they’re already paired up for you!

The Perfect Tea Box

A white coffee mug with a chocolate bar and box of peach tea
Make gift giving easy on yourself with The Perfect Tea Box.

Don’t stress yourself out over what to get your special someone. With a ceramic mug, delicious chocolate bar, and box of tea, what else would your tea lover need? The best part is that this gift box comes with everything you need already put together, all you need to do is add to cart. 

Available at Adda Coffee & Tea House

Price $44

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The Travel from Home Box

A coffee mug, two chocolates, and a box of tea
Even if they can’t actually travel the world, this gift box will make them feel like they are.

Does your tea lover also enjoy traveling the world? Then this gift box is a great option. It combines a few touches from across the globe including a Japan-inspired ceramic mug, two Goodio Finnish Chocolates, and English Breakfast Tea. You can give them the gift of travel without them having to leave their kitchen. 

Available at Adda Coffee & Tea House

Price $58

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Chai Sampler

Three bags of chai tea next to a yellow box
If your tea lover enjoys sipping on chai, this is the perfect gift box for them. Image courtesy of Brew Dr. Tea Company.

Is chai their choice of tea? Then this sampler box is a great gift option to consider. With three variations of loose leaf chai blend, they can test out something new. The chai blends include Masala Chai, Kashmiri Chai, and Bond St Chai.

Available at Brew Dr. Tea Company

Price $25

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A Tea Experience

Do you prefer to give experiences over material items? Then this gift is right up your alley. Give your tea lover a one of a kind tea tasting experience that they’ll remember for years to come! 

The High Tea Experience

A table with a tea menu and snack platter
Your tea lover will be thrilled to receive this high tea experience. 

The High Tea experience is a great gift option that provides plenty of tea and a fun-filled afternoon. During this two-hour tea experience, they can enjoy endless organic teas and snacks on a three-tiered tower of treats -- what could be better than this? 

Available at Adda Coffee & Tea House

Price $50

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CBD Infused Teas

Does your tea lover enjoy drinking a cup of tea to relax? Help them take that relaxation to the next level with CBD infused tea options. Whether they’re drinking it to relax before bed or during their afternoon break, these items make great gifts. 

Sleep in Sunday

A box of Hello Goldie Sleep in Sunday tea with one tea packet next to it
Make every night feel like a sleep in Sunday with this relaxing evening tea. 

Give your loved one the gift of great sleep! This caffeine-free, hemp-infused tea is designed to help with sleep and relaxation. With various antioxidants and minerals, it’s a great way to kick back and finish off the day. 

Available at Adda Coffee & Tea House

Price $39

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Smitten Botanical Tea

Alt-text: A box of Hello Goldie Smitten tea with one tea packet next to it

Caption: After one sip of this amazing tea, you’ll find yourself smitten. 

Another hemp-infused tea option that is sure to please your loved one. It’s sweet and creamy and promises to leave them smitten after one sip. With many great health benefits such as improved digestion, antioxidants, and stress relief it’s a great option for anyone who enjoys natural remedies. 

Available at Adda Coffee & Tea House

Price $39

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Three Hello Goldie nano CBD sundrop packets
Give them something to add to their drink of choice!

These on the go nano CBD drops are another great gift option for tea lovers who enjoy a little extra in their cup. They come with 21 single-dose packets that can be added to any drink they choose -- even if it’s not tea. 

Available at Adda Coffee & Tea House

Price $59

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Flavored Teas

Many tea lovers enjoy trying new tea flavors. For those types of tea drinkers, gifting them new tea flavors to try could be the best gift they receive all year.  There are all kinds of different tea flavors out there, choosing the right one depends on how adventurous your loved one is. 

Omija Berry Blush Tea

Loose-leaf Omija Berry Blush Tea 
This tea tastes just as good as the tea leaves look! 

If your tea lover enjoys a cup of sweet, fruit-flavored tea then this might be the flavored tea to go with. The combination of omija berry, lavender, and strawberry creates a delicious and aromatic cup of tea. 

Available at Adda Coffee & Tea House

Price $20

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Carrot Cake Rooibos

Loose-leaf carrot cake tea
Carrot cake-flavored tea anyone? Image courtesy of Fusion Teas.

Does your tea lover also enjoy sweets and desserts? While it may be an unusual combination of tea, this carrot cake flavored tea could become their new favorite. With a touch of comfort and a bit of spiciness, if nothing else, it’s definitely a unique flavor of tea that they’ll enjoy trying!

Available at Fusion Teas

Price $9 for 3 oz, $16 for 6 oz, and $36 for 16 oz

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Red Chai

Loose-leaf red chai tea
If your tea lover prefers chai, they’ll want to try this red chai tea. 

We didn’t forget about those chai loving tea drinkers! These red chai tea leaves are a great option for someone who enjoys testing out different teas. It offers a spicy and smooth tea that has a creamy red rooibos base to round it out. 

Available at Tin Roof Teas

Price $12.50 for 100g, $29.61 for 250g, $55.93 for 500g

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Tea Cups

For tea drinkers who enjoy a cup or two a day, there’s never enough mugs and bottles to go around. That’s why they’re always a great gift option. Whether they need a new mug to sit and enjoy their morning cup of tea or a bottle for their busy on the go lifestyle -- it will go to good use. 

Joey Ceramic Mug

White and gold ceramic mug
This statement cup is sure to wow your tea-loving friends. 

Gift your tea lover with this stylish white and gold ceramic mug. It’s sure to keep their drink hot (or cold) through its double walls. And when they’re not enjoying their favorite cup of tea, it’s a perfect statement piece to keep out on the tea bar. 

Available at Adda Coffee & Tea House

Price $30

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Soma Brew Bottle

Soma glass bottle
The perfect glass bottle for an on the go tea drinker. 

Is your tea lover someone who is always busy and on the go? Then this glass brew bottle is the perfect gift. It’s a 12 oz double-walled glass bottle with a stainless steel filter and plastic lid. It’s designed to easily make pourovers and tea to go. 

Available at Adda Coffee & Tea House

Price $40

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Things to Brew Their Tea

Having the right equipment to brew the perfect tea is so important. If your tea lover is in need of some new brewing materials, that’s a great place to look for a gift. From kettles to tea presses, there are all kinds of options out there. 

Bona Enamel Pourover Coffee Kettle

This stylish kettle is practical for making tea and can be left out as a statement piece in any kitchen. 

This kettle is perfect for brewing multiple cups of tea -- whether they're shared or not! Its gooseneck spout allows for precision pouring and the kettle is compatible with most stovetops. Best of all, your tea lover won’t be afraid to leave it out on the counter because of its sleek design and wood accents make it a kitchen statement piece. 

Available at Adda Coffee & Tea House

Price $62.99

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Hario Wooden Tea Press

Glass tea press with wooden lid 
If your tea lover enjoys pressing their own loose leaf teas, this is a great gift option. 

Tea lovers who enjoy making testing out different loose leaf teas and pressing them for a fresh cup of tea will love this gift. A classic press that has heat-proof glass and olive wood finishes will allow them to make their favorite teas at home. 

Available at Adda Coffee & Tea House

Price $41.99

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A Tea Club Membership

Gifting your tea lover a tea club membership will keep them happy for months to come! Each month they will receive different tea options that they can enjoy and try new tea flavors. Whether you choose to keep it going for 6 months or a full year, it’s a gift that they’ll get to relish each month. 

Exotic Tea Club

 Multiple different bags of tea leaves spilling out in a circle around the worlds “exotic tea club”
Don’t just go for any regular tea club, give them something exotic! Image courtesy of Zhi Tea.

Gifting your tea lover with monthly deliveries from a tea club is a great way to go -- especially if you choose this exotic tea club. It will allow them to sample a variety of teas that they may not have chosen on their own. With different options coming each month, they’ll love trying the wide variety of flavors. 

Available at Zhi Tea

Price $135 for 6 months, $265 for 12 months

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Mad Monk Tea Club

Send your tea lover something for months to come to let them know you’re thinking about them. Image courtesy of Mad Monk Tea

With the Mad Monk Tea Club, your loved one will receive 50-100 grams of fresh and unique teas each month. Teas are picked from the healthiest gardens on Earth located in Taiwan and China. These teas are a great option for tea lovers who enjoy organic options, they are good for you and good for the planet. 

Available at Mad Monk Tea

Price $30 per month

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No matter what your tea lover is interested in, there’s a perfect tea-related gift out there for them. Whether it’s unique flavors, their own tea press, or a monthly subscription to a tea club -- they’ll love whatever you choose. Now you just have to decide which awesome gift is perfect for them.

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