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July 23, 2020

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With S.K. Frey Chocolates and Confections

Chocolatier Sally Frey combines chocolate and artistry

At Adda Coffee & Tea House, we pride ourselves on being more than a coffee shop. Our teas, treats, and goods made by local artisans are important parts of the Adda experience and our commitment to supporting local businesses. One of our sweetest collaborations is with a local chocolatier, S.K. Frey Chocolates and Confections. Her chocolate bars line our counter like jewels, wrapped with strikingly designed labels and adorned with a gold wrapper. 

Sally Frey is the creator of S.K. Frey Chocolates and Confections. She trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and worked with chocolate for decades before deciding to launch her own brand in 2016, right around when Adda’s Shadyside location opened.

Daniel Gurwin, the designer of the S.K. Frey label and the company’s eye-catching packaging, also designed Adda’s logo. The connection through Gurwin piqued Sally’s interest in attending Adda’s opening party. There, Sally introduced herself to Adda’s owner, and they got to talking about design, coffee and chocolate. By the next month, Sally was creating travel-themed chocolate bars for Adda. Now, she has made over thirty different travel-themed bars, as well as some holiday gift sets. Most have been sold exclusively at Adda.

S.K. Frey's Matcha Bar, inspired by Japan

In addition to being a chocolatier, Sally’s passion for chocolate is also academic. She is a professor at Chatham University where she teaches in the Food Studies program. As a chef and academic, her courses analyze the food system through the lenses of culinary art and gastronomy, and the relationship between food and culture. Cocoa and chocolate creates an avenue for Sally to engage her students in learning about chocolate’s origins and processes. 

“The vehicle of chocolate has been a really fun one to work with, as it gets people interested in the food system and also small business makers. I have had a chance to meet many makers and creative people since starting my own business, which has been one of the most rewarding aspects of entrepreneurial life,” says Sally. 

Since our grand opening, Adda’s chocolate selection has grown exponentially. From our vegan Askinosie bars to the Raaka Oat Milk bars, we have something for every chocolate lover. For a locally-made treat with a lot of heart and intention behind it, pick up a bar from S.K. Frey.

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