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Looking for a pick-me-up? Our chocolate selection has you covered.

July 22, 2020

At Adda Coffee and Tea House, you know you can get a lift from our coffee and teas but what about grabbing a pick-me-up from our chocolate counter? Chocolate, which has been shown to have mood-boosting qualities, is one of Team Adda’s favorite treats to reach for! (and if there was ever a time that the world needed a boost, it’s 2020.) 

At Adda, we take our chocolate seriously and we’ve created a nice portfolio of chocolates from all over the world that look and a taste like a little slice of heaven. Here are a few we’d love everyone to try!

Friis Holm

Friis Holm is a Danish bean-to-bar chocolatier owned by chef Mikkel Friis-Holm. After working in the corporate chocolate world, he started Friis Holm as a small-batch, chef-driven enterprise that focuses on small refinements in the chocolate making process. Each series of chocolate bars is made with the same specifications of percentage, origin, roast and bean type but varies in how many times the beans were turned during the refining process. This lets customers taste subtle differences in the chocolate’s presentation. 

Goodio Chocolate

This Finnish chocolate company operates from three tenants: sustainability, well-being and transparency. It also focuses on vegan chocolate, recognizing raw cacao as a superfood. The bars feature Nordic ingredients like wild blueberries and sea buckthorn as well as more classic chocolate pairing like spices and coconut. 

Goodio Chocolate features traditional Nordic ingredients

Chocolate Naive Co. 

This Lithuanian chocolatier focuses on executing simple and pure chocolate making methods, using high quality ingredients. Owner Domantas Užpalis, an advocate of the Slow Food movement, started his company by buying a ton of cacao beans and learning the process from the ground (or the bean) up. The bars are divided into three series categories: Forager, Equator and Nanolot. Each series pulls from either very small, single origin plots or is influenced by a specific culture or place. 

Omnom Chocolate

Chocolate might not be the first thing you think of when you picture Iceland, but this company from Reykjavik is here to change your mind! The chocolatier started when two childhood friends  started production in a small converted gas station. The artisan chocolatier focuses on sourcing cacao beans from around the world and using flavors native to Iceland to make unique bars. Their milk chocolate even has notes of fermented milk, a commonly found ingredient in Icelandic cuisine!

Omnom Chocolate from Rejkavik, Iceland

SK Frey Chocolates and Confections

Owner Sally Frey has a gustatory and academic love of chocolate. This Chatham University professor and chocolatier launched her brand in 2016 after years in the culinary world. She uses chocolate as a way to illustrate the relationship between food and culture. Her Travel Series bars are inspired by ingredients and cuisines from all around the world such as Cuba, India, Vietnam and Brazil.

S.K. Frey's Travel Series is exclusive to Adda Coffee & Tea House

Still looking for something a little different? Try something from this list of our other brands:

Askinosie, Woodblock Chocolate, Ranger Chocolate, Fossa Chocolate, Cuna de Piedra Chocolates, Qantu Chocolate, Markham & Fitz Chocolate Makers, Raaka Chocolate and Marou Faiseurs du Chocolat. All of our chocolates can be found in our stores.

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