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How to Make Birria-style Tacos (Queso-Tacos)

with Felipe Crespo (featuring products from Adda Global Pantry)

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Taco expert Felipe Crespo of Secretos de mis Abuelos shares his secret recipe for queso-tacos

January 16, 2021

Felipe Crespo is a burgeoning chef in Pittsburgh's food scene. Crespo is from Puerto Rico and, upon arriving in Pittsburgh, realized there was a distinct lack of his home's Boricua cuisine here. He started cooking up goods for his friends at Primo Cuts, the barber shop he unwittingly moved across the street from and later found to be the only Puerto Rican barber shop on this side of Pennsylvania.

Crespo's food truck, Secretos de mis Abuelos, is coming soon right near Beechview. Follow him on Instagram @secretospgh to stay tuned on his opening and get these tacos straight from the source. While you wait, you can also try making them at home with items from our Adda Global Pantry. Check out the recipe below!

Ingredients for Felipe's queso-tacos


DeLallo Calabrian Chili Peppers

DeLallo Crushed Tomatoes

DeLallo Soffritto Cooking Base

Ancho Chili Powder

Salsa Espinaler

Dried Arbol Peppers

2x Garlic Cloves

1x Onion


Black Pepper

Bay Leaves

2-3 lbs Beef Chuck

Shredded Mexican Cheese

Corn Tortillas


1x Lime



Goya Adobo Seasoning


1) Wash and dry meat with salt water. Cut into chunks, leaving fat on. Season with Adobo and black pepper, refrigerate overnight.

2) In a small pot of boiling water, add 25-30 dried arbol peppers, stems off, and 2 spoons of chopped calabrian chili peppers. Allow 20 mins to pass.

3) Start another pot of boiling water and add salt, black pepper, meat, garlic cloves, peeled onion (cut in half), bay leaves, 5 spoons of sofrito, 5 spoons of ancho powder.

4) After 20 mins, return to pot with peppers and remove from heat. Use tongs to remove peppers from water and add into a blender. Add 2 oz of tomato sauce, bay leaves, a spoon of sofrito, and enough of the water from pepper pot and blend.

5) Hold strainer over boiling meat pot, pour blended peppers into strainer, discard blended peppers. Repeat until all peppers are used.

6) Let the meat boil until it becomes tender, lid on.

7) Allow meat to sit for 20 minutes off heat.

8) Top layer of mixture will be oil, the oils and water separated.

9) Turn on frying pan and put butter.

10) Dip corn tortilla into meat pot, goal is to get top layer on tortilla. Place in skillet.

11) Add cheese to tortilla. In seperate bowl, pick apart meat and add onto cheese.

12) Fold into quesadilla.

13) Top with cilantro, onion, lime, salsa, serve with broth for dipping and appetizer sauce.

Save this for safe keeping!

Felipe is cooking up these tacos on our Instagram at @addacoffeehouse on January 19, 2021 (his birthday!) so be sure to join so you can watch and ask questions, or catch the recording in our saved videos anytime afterwards.

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