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June 16, 2020

Over the last few weeks we’ve been shaking things up at Adda Coffee & Tea: relaunching our website, reopening our stores, planning events and forging new partnerships in the Pittsburgh community. Today, we’re launching our blog, A Sip of Adda, to help keep you connected to all the exciting things we have planned and loop you into our world of coffee, conversation, culture and connection. 

Here are some things the things you can expect:

  • News about upcoming events at the shops and out in the community (we’ve got some fun, socially-distanced things coming up!)
  • Opportunities to connect with fellow Adda guests 
  • Ways to get involved in helping support our local arts and culture in Pittsburgh
  • Tips for coffee and tea lovers on brewing, selecting and tasting
  • Ways to take a little bit of Adda home with you or on the go
  • Guest blog spots from local business owners, artists and more

We hope this blog will give our team members more opportunities to hone their craft both behind the bar and wielding the pen (okay, the keyboard :) ) by sharing their expertise and building new skills. They’ve already shared with you some stories of our non-profit partnerships, our partners and artists. As an employee-forward company, we’re excited to have more opportunities to connect with you, share our thoughts and hear yours! We’ll be updating weekly, so make sure to check back for the latest from Adda! 

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